The Bald Truth: Your Hair Loss Questions

Every so often, on here and across my social media platforms, I do get asked questions regarding the topic of hair loss, which is understandable as I have made a whole blog out of the subject. 

I've always been honest and upfront about any product I review on my blog, and I am always truthful about my opinions on certain hair loss products and brands. Bear in mind, everything you read on my blog is of my opinion only, and so certain products may work differently on each individual. My blog acts as a diary that enables me to keep track of my own progress while keeping you guys informed along the way. 

So, I have gathered a handful of your questions over the past year or so, and here are my answers... 

Are there any hair loss scams you can warn me about?
Yes, loads! There are probably more hair loss scams than actual genuine treatments, but that's not to say there aren't a lot of products that can have a positive effect on your hair. I've come across a fair few scams over the years, but a couple of them that I'll warn you about are Herbal H 'hair growth' Spray, and Hair Again by John Kelby. In my opinion both are a total waste of time and I'm surprised they haven't been shut down yet. 

Have you ever tried Propecia?
Nope, and I have no intention of doing so. I'm just not willing to take the risk with those horrible side-effects which can include low libido and erectile dysfunction. I have discovered safe an natural ways to beat hair loss, so I don't need to try Propecia (finasteride).

Are there any products you haven't tried that look good?
To be honest, if there's something that I think looks good, it's more than likely I'll have purchased it and tried it by now. I'm always on the hunt for new formulas, so I hardly miss much. I would say Nutrafol looks interesting, but I've not researched it enough to get a clear understanding of the science behind it. It could be worth trying in the near future.
Does Minoxidil actually work?
It all depends on the individual and how bald you actually are. If you're looking to reverse a fully bald head then no, it won't work, but if you are tackling hair loss at an early stage then it can be effective. Minoxidil (Regaine) wasn't particularly effective for me, but then saying that, I did start my battle with hair loss very early, so it's hard to say.

What's your beef with TRX2?
I don't have a beef with TRX2 or any other brand out there, but I do have an opinion like anyone else, and I will always be entitled to it. Listen, I was on TRX2 for the best part of a year, and it did absolutely nothing for me whatsoever. Their 'science' about potassium channels is absolute nonsense, in MY OPINION, and if you strip all the layers down, you'll find a vitamin supplement with a load of potassium in it. If TRX2 works for some people then great, I'm happy for them, but I've yet to speak to anyone who has found this supplement effective in any way.

You may wish to read my full review on TRX2: Why I'd Never Recommend TRX2

Does Dax Wax cause baldness?
This question comes via my article, Waring: Don't Use Dax Wax if you're Balding. In short, no, Dax Wax does not cause male pattern baldness. My point about Dax Wax is that it does have a nasty habit of being very hard to wash out of your hair, which can lead to ripping hair out, therefore it's not a great styling product to use of you already suffer from any stage of balding or thinning hair.

How long does HR23+ tablets take to work and does it have any risk of nasty side effects?  
In my case, I noticed great results in a matter of weeks. I guess it varies with each individual. I have been using HR23+ for ages and I have not noticed any side-effects. I think I had slight stomach discomfort for the first few days of using it, but nothing since. 

You will probably be interested in reading my full HR23+ Hair Restoration Tablets review:
Do you charge for reviews and how can I get my product or brand reviewed on your blog?  
I do not charge for reviews. All the reviews on my blog are of my opinion only, and I have purchased all the products that have featured on this blog. If I like the look of a product then I'll buy it and more than likely review it on here.

Where can I purchase that Argan Oil shampoo you use?
It depends where you are situated in the world, but I get mine from Tesco, at just £5 a bottle. It's a brilliant shampoo and I would highly recommend trying it if you haven't already done so. 

If you have any questions or just fancy a chat about hair loss, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @HairLossDiary

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