Why is HR23+ so Expensive?

It's a question I get asked a lot, and to be fair, it's a question I also asked myself when I first starting using my favourite hair health supplement: Why is HR23+ so expensive?

Now, as long as a product actually works for my hair, like HR23+ has done so, I don't have a problem paying good money for it. But it's natural to ask if the high price of this product is justified. 

I can see why many people would feel ripped off using a supplement like TRX2, because it only contains around four active ingredients. You seriously would be better off buying a load of potassium pills to get the same effect as TRX2, only a lot cheaper! 

But with HR23+, I do feel like I am getting what I am paying for, due to the fact the supplement contains 23 key ingredients, and more importantly, it has been effective for my hair. HR23+ sells for about £45-£50 per single bottle, depending where you purchase it from, but I tend to buy it in multi-packs, where the price per bottle drops dramatically. 

I have heard a lot of guys boast about how they could just as easily purchase all the ingredients in HR23+ for a fraction of the price. But what they fail to understand is that HR23+ is a supplement formulated with correct dosages of each supplement, designed to give you the very best results. So, for arguments sake, I have looked up all the ingredients found in HR23+ and added up the total cost of what you would have to pay if you bought all the ingredients separately in supplement form...

Ok, so HR23+ contains Vitamins C, E, and a load of B vitamins like Biotin and Folic Acid. From researching the Internet, I managed to find vitamin supplements priced individually between £5-£10.

On average, standard Vitamin C tablets cost around £5. The cheapest Biotin tablets I could find are £7. The same for Folic Acid. But, for the sake of the debate, if we were to average each supplement at around £5, that would alone cost £40, as eight main vitamins are used in HR23+.

Some vitamins I found, like Biotin for instance, were for three months supply, so even if we divide 40 into 3 that would make the average cost of vitamins alone would work out at around £15

The rest...
Then we have potent extracts used such as Saw Palmetto and Ginkgo Biloba. I managed to find a Saw Palmetto supplement for £15 at Holland & Barret, and a Ginkgo Biloba supplement for around £10. Both supplements are for one month supply, which totals to around £25

I managed to source pure MSM capsules for £8, and I managed to find Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Extract for around £3 each, but the dosage is much higher than that in HR23+, which means you won't be staying consistent with the HR23+ formula, by taking the ingredients separately. But anyway, that's £6 for green tea and grape seed extract supplements. 

I managed to find Sillica for £5 a bottle, and the same for L-Cysteine in supplement form. That totals to £10 for the two. Again, if you look hard enough you can get inositol and PABA for around £5 each, which adds another £10 onto the shopping list. Copper and Zinc supplements can also be purchased for £5 or under, but most usually last for three months, so these two work out at a monthly cost of around £3.

So, buy purchasing all the ingredients separately, you are looking at a total cost of around £77. The most off putting thing about purchasing the ingredients separately is the amount of tablets you would have to take daily! I haven't worked out the exact amount, but we're talking quite a few... 

To conclude...
I'm pretty glad I did all my sums on this, as it has made me realise that I really am actually getting good value for my money on this supplement. HR23+ offers a safe and convenient supplement for hair health.

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