Hairprin Natural Hair Support: Does it Work?

I am a big fan of the structure of the hair loss information website, HGR (Hair Growth Report), but I am certainly not a fan of the content it produces, particularly regarding the 'product reviews'. 

The structure of HGR is not all that different to my website - with plenty of product reviews and articles regarding hair loss and hair health in general. So, I am always finding myself on the HGR website checking out the latest treatment reviews and hair loss/hair growth related features. 

Granted, the articles about hair loss are actually quite informative, particularly in the areas they talk about specific ingredients and routines that I myself have personally found to be helpful in my own battle against hair loss. What I am not so convinced about are the actual product reviews.

I've been through every single product review on the HGR website, most of which I had already heard of, and what I noticed is that all the reviews are pretty much the same. I don't even know if you can call them reviews, as much of the content is merely copy and paste. The 'reviews' fail to actually let the readers know exactly how beneficial the product is for hair loss and hair growth. 

That is until I came across the Hairprin review, which collected the prestigious 'Gold Award' with an unblemished 10/10 rating. After looking closely at the ingredients of Hairprin, I can honestly say there is nothing to suggest this product should be rated way and above every other product on their list. 

I'll make no bones about it - I use HR23+ and it has been, by far, the best working solution for my hair. My hair loss stopped after using HR23+, and if we are going on the ingredients factor alone, HR23+ contains pretty much all the ingredients that Hairprin contains, and more! I find it quite baffling that Hairprin got a rating of 10/10, whereas HR23+ only got a 7/10. Does this really make sense? 

Ok, I understand we're all different and that different products will work differently on other people, but I can't help but think the HGR is extremely favourable to Hairprin, which takes a lot of credit away from the whole website, in my opinion. I also think it's odd how HGR rated TRX2 7/10 but labelled it as an 'affordable' product, whereas HR23+, with the same rating, was branded as an 'expensive' product. HR23+ actually works out as around the same price as TRX2. 

As for Hairprin itself, well, I won't be purchasing the supplement, because from looking at the ingredients alone, it really does look like an inferior version of HR23+, and many other hair health supplements on the market for that matter. I certainly wouldn't label Hairprin as a bad supplement, but what I will say is that there is no possible way it can be ranked number one product of its kind in the world. That's just crazy!

Also, it's funny how the three main reviewers on HGR, Donald Martin, Francis Patton and Robert Bennett, are three males all with full heads of hair. How can three men who have no idea what it even feels like to suffer from hair loss be responsible for reviewing products that aim to tackle baldness? It makes no sense! Also, where are the women reviewers? Many of the products reviewed are unisex treatments, therefore why aren't we getting a female perspective? 

Hair loss is a big deal, and I mean a REALLY big deal. Guys like me just want the honest truth when it comes to reading reviews and information on the topic. That's why I started this blog - I wanted to share my years of research and testing with like minded people who want to get to the bottom of their balding and find ways to stop this hair loss nonsense. Although the views on this website are my own, I always strive to help others, as well as myself, in order to get us all to a better place. 

That's why websites like HGR really bug me. Yes, give us information about hair loss, and yes, review products and give them your ratings, but if you're going to do reviews, then at least make them fair and unbiased.

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