Kirkland Minoxidil Review

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I became quite sceptical about using minoxidil after my poor experience using Regaine a few years back, but after reading a load of positive reviews about Kirkland's liquid form, I decided to give it a shot, just so I could cancel out minoxidil, if nothing else. 

To my astonishment, this stuff isn't actually too bad. I have been using it for around four months, applying it in and around the slightly thinner areas of my scalp, and I have not missed one application. Heck, I even used this product when I was away on holiday last month. 

Ok, so it's not a miracle formula that cures hair loss over night, but I can certainly see some new vellus hairs popping through around my hairline and crown region. Now, when I say popping up, I mean ever so slightly - not near as much to be noticeable, but even so, there is new hair where I had previously lost it, so technically Kirkland Minoxidil Liquid does work.

Now, I certainly don't expect this product to get my hair back to how it was when I was 18, as the results are ever so small, but, it is a rather pleasant sight seeing new hairs pop up of which I have not seen for over 10 years! 

Will I continue to use this product? Because it's so cheap (three bottles for £20), I probably will keep using it, but maybe not every day, as I did experience slight headaches, which is never a good thing in my book. 

The only other treatment I used when trying Kirkland was the usual HR23+ hair health supplement and my tried and trusted Biotin shampoo by OGX. It's a pretty decent combination that seems to only benefit the hair by helping me decrease hair fall and increase hair growth. 

I'll keep at it and let you know how I get on after using it for the full year. I'll post pictures up of my progress.


  1. You really shouldn't be writing this blog until you have done thorough research. Anyone who is suffering from MPB will find more detailed information on a simple google search. I suggest you visit the many hairloss forums and see the detailed level of analysis and research people go into before spouting off half baked nonsense on your 'blog'. You will then realise that your comments resemble that of a 5 year old explaining the the theory of relativity.

    1. Ouch, did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?
      Listen, buster, I am perfectly placed to talk about what I like on my blog, and being a sufferer of MPB for over five years, I can assure you I have conducted plenty of research on the matter.
      I don't claim to be an expert, but my blog is of my own views and experiences only. So, take it or leave it.
      Also, I think many people are fed up of reading pages and pages of research and theories - therefore I offer simple, straight-to-the-point reviews that cuts through the nonsense.
      The bottom line is, there is NO cure for hair loss, but I am living proof that the process can be halted. I think the majority of my readers find my posts insightful and interesting.