I got a FREE Sandalwood Comb with my HR23+ order

Who would have thought there are actually some pretty decent perks that come with losing your hair! We're only three days in, and Hair Loss Awareness Month has already provided me with a freebie, and a pretty good one too!

HR23+ are giving away free sandalwood hair combs worth around £10, when you purchase a triple pack of HR23+ hair health supplement. I usually buy triple packs anyway, so this free gift was a rather welcome treat. 

Most freebies can be quite tacky and cheap, but this sandalwood comb is actually a decent product that I would probably have bought if I'd seen it for sale. 

It should also be noted that I got 12% off my order with the coupon code that can be found on their website, so all in all, a pretty good deal was had :) 

Like I said, three days into Hair Loss Awareness Month, and I have already scooped my first prize. I shall continue to keep you guys updated as and when I see some more offers and giveaways from hair loss loss brands and products. 

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