Hair shedding in Spring?

Seasonal hair loss?

During my mid-twenties, one of the things that got me really paranoid was hair shedding, or to be more precise - seasonal hair loss. 

Seasonal hair loss is something that happens to all of us, apparantly. We tend to shed during certain times of the year, but we counterbalance this pattern by going through hair growth phases too. 

I am prone to the most common form of hair shedding - I tend to shed in the spring season - or at least when the weather gets hotter, anyway.  I also shed quite a lot in autumn season, which is vey common for many of us. 

My strongest season for hair growth is, without doubt, the cold, winter time. Knowing this now, it did seem odd that I used to worry more about my hair during March and April time, but now I know why. 

Anyway, if you tend to experience severe shedding at certain times of the year, then fear not, there isn't anything to worry about. This is perfectly normal, and all men and women go through the same thing every year - many of us just don't realise it. 

I was doing some extensive reading on this subject, and apparently we still don't really know why hair shedding happens. There are multiple theories scattered across the internet, but none of them contain solid proof that is backed with scientific research. So, I won't bother trying to guess what the exact reason is as to why we shed at certain parts of the year. 

As far as products go, I would avoid using anything harsh on the scalp during your time of peak shedding. Some products on the market can cause shedding, therefore you really don't want to be shedding twice the usual amount of hair. 

Just keep your topical product count to an absolute minimum, at least until the shedding stops as you transition into your growth cycle. 

If you guys have anything more to add on this topic, then please feel free to leave your comments below.  Oh, and please, can you not leave any spammy links in the comments section - they'll just get deleted. 


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