Why is Hair Loss so Upsetting?

Why Balding Matters!

Suffering from hair loss has to be the most confidence-sapping thing any men (or woman) can ever go through.  I remember when I first started noticing my hair falling out, and I was absolutely devastated. 

Luckily, at just 25 years of age, I acted quickly and I managed to turn things around somewhat, and halt the balding process with a solid hair care routine, consisting of treatments that work for me. You'll be able to see my hair loss treatment plan throughout my blog. 

I think a lot of guys who start losing their hair at an early age all share the same feelings and emotions during the process. I can't imagine it's quite as bad going bald in your fifties when you are settled down with a wife and family, after enjoying your hair when it really mattered the most - when you were young. 

Having thinning hair in your early twenties can be quite soul-destroying, and here are a few reasons why I found experiencing hair loss to be the most terrible thing in the world... 

All your mates seem to have hair

For some reason, I started looking at the people around me when I started noticing my thinning scalp, and pretty much all my mates had normal, thick, full heads of hair.  I know it sounds bad, but a part of me really wanted them to be suffering with baldness too, just so I didn't feel like the odd one out.  

There isn't a cure

It doesn't matter how effective the treatments are, the bottom line is - there is still no cure for hair loss.  Although I have managed to prevent balding, it would be really assuring to know that there is a cure for it.

Women hate bald men

Well, at least that's what most guys think. I'll admit, one of the first things I thought to myself after noticing my receding temples was: "I'm never going to find a hot girlfriend".  I felt totally screwed, and I know if I ever go fully bald one day, I'll lose a heck of a lot of confidence, especially when it comes to women and dating. 

It's slow and painful!

Don't get me wrong, for the most part, balding is a very slow and torturous process, but some men bald very quickly. Most men would just prefer to lose their hair quickly, so they can shave it all off and get on with their lives. I am not one of those men. I would much prefer to lose my hair slowly - that way it gives me more time to find a treatment that works - and that is exactly what happened.  After tying a number of different products and treatments, I now have an effective hair care plan that has helped prevent hair fall and maintain a good healthy head of hair. 

Click here to see my hair care routine.


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