Chinese Hair Loss Scams

Don't get scammed by these bogus hair loss 'treatments' 

Facebook seems to be packed with scammy looking ads at the moment, all promoting scammy looking products. The claims seem to ridiculously bold, some even stating their product can reverse baldness and regrow lost hair. 

Before reporting these shams to trading standards, I then noticed all these ads are from sellers in China!  

As many of you will already know, I've had some bad experiences with hair loss 'treatments' from China - I purchased some a few years ago, and they turned out to be a waste of money.  I would NEVER recommend anyone buying any sort of beauty product from the Chinese market. 

A company called Dexe seems to be the biggest culprit of these online scams.  I just can't believe how many actually people believe this nonsense - and trust me, there are literally thousands of people wanting to try this rubbish.  It's amazing how desperate some people are, which leads them to have hope in any product. 

If you want my honest opinion, I'll tell you straight up what I think.  Anything from China that promises to be a cure for hair loss is definitely a scam.  There is no cure for hair loss, and a 'herbal shampoo' certainly won't be the answer to your baldness. 

I had a look on their website and it says the same old rubbish that you would usually associate with a snake-oil salesman.  Also, I could not find the ingredients to any of these shampoos.  Surely that's the best way to judge a product of this nature - by the friggin' ingredients!  They just make out the product is made from a special Chinese herbal formula. It's so shammy it's cringe-worthy! 

Also, if you fancy a giggle, check out the ridiculous packaging of one of their products (see image below) - does that remind you of anything?  Surely if someone wanted to try Alpecin shampoo, they would buy the genuine brand - not a cheap looking rip-off version from China, which isn't likely to contain any decent ingredients. 

I think the worst thing about all this is that these Chinese sellers are willing to take £30 per bottle off people for this sham of a shampoo.  I think if you're gullible to believe this rubbish, then you probably deserve to be ripped off. 

End of rant... now can we please get back to some proper hair loss treatments!

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  1. Looking to order HR23+ but I can't find anything on people actually using it when I search them up? Can't find any actual reviews other than the ones on their website. I definitely wanna try it out but it just seems very sketchy