HR23+ Hair Restoration Tablets Review

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Well, something had to give, and as I fully laid out in one of my earlier posts, The Little Yellow Pill That Finally Halted My Hair Loss, HR23+ Hair Restoration Tablets is the best treatment I have tried for my hair loss.

The results from this tablet were positive right from the very start, with a clear stoppage of hair fall and a much changed appearance in the thickness of my hair after only a matter of weeks!

I haven't noticed any clear signs of new hair growth, but that could may well come in good time. After taking HR23+ I noticed far less hairs on my pillow every morning to the point my hair loss had stopped completely. My hair looks and feels much thicker than it was before I started swallowing these pills. 
I have not experienced any side-effects from using this supplement, and it seems to be working really well for me as I continue to use it. My hair has not looked or felt this thick since I was about 25 years old, and hair fall is much less frequent that it was. 

I'm not sure exactly why HR23+ has been so effective in stopping my hair loss, as I have taken some of the ingredients in this supplement in the past. Perhaps it's the mixture and dosage of their ingredients that makes it so effective. Whatever the exact reason, I'm certainly not complaining. 

I've had discussions with many fellow hair loss sufferers about what products work for them and what don't, so as always, I would be very interested to know how any of you have got on with HR23+ or any other treatments that I have mentioned on my blog. Please leave your comments below.

Here is my full breakdown of HR23+ Tablets, based over a six month treatment period (ongoing):

Prevention of hair loss: Much less hair fall in first few weeks. Complete stoppage of hair loss after 8 weeks.
Promotion of hair growth: No hard evidence of new hair growth yet. 
Hair thickness & density: Big increase in hair thickness. 


  1. I've been using hr23+ for nealry 9 months and the results have been very good. I would also recommend this supplement highly to guys suffering from thinning hair like me.

    1. Nice to know it's working for you too :)

  2. Where n how can we order for HR23+ in India and is it FDA approved???

  3. Great review about HR23+ Hair Restoration Tablets. Thanks.
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