Procerin Thinning Hair Food Supplement Review

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Ok, so Procerin was the first hair supplement I ever tried, right after my six month period using Regaine, and it certainly wasn't the worst product I came across. 

Rated as the number one selling natural hair supplement for men in the USA, Procerin came with glowing reviews and an excellent reputation. After reading about Procerin, I naturally fell on to the subject of one of the main ingredients in this popular tablet - Saw Palmetto. Tests had apparently shown saw palmetto to be a DHT blocker. DHT - full name Dihydrotestosterone - is the cause of hair loss, and so the potent addition of saw palmetto filled me with a lot of hope for Procerin.

The old Procerin packaging

After about a week of taking Procerin, I did notice slight stomach discomfort, but this went away pretty quickly and no further side-effects occurred during my whole treatment period. I ended up taking Procerin for the full six months straight, and believe me, I didn't miss a single dosage. I diligently downed three tablets a day, as stated on the bottle, for six whole months, and I suppose the overall feeling about Procerin was a mixed bag. On the plus side, I think I noticed less hair fall after three months, but then an increase in hair fall from month four to month six. I definitely didn't grow any new hairs on my receding hairline and thinning crown, so I guess you could say I was more disappointed than happy.

After some positive results during the initial stages of taking Procerin, much like Provillus, this supplement proved to be ineffective for me. 

Again, you just never know what to believe when it comes to reading testimonials and reviews online, so if you're genuine and would like to share your thoughts and experiences with Procerin with me, then please comment below. I'd love to hear from you. 

Here is my full breakdown of Procerin Tablets, based over a six month treatment period:

Prevention of hair loss: Slightly less hair fall in first few weeks.
Promotion of hair growth: No evidence of new hair growth. 
Hair thickness & density: Slight thickness added to the crown region. 


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