Warning: Don't Use Dax Wax if You're Balding

I should really confirm that this is not a review, but rather a firm warning for anyone who is considering using Dax Wax

Most guys have tried Dax Wax products at some stage of their lives, and I was no different. I picked up a tin of this stuff at my local supermarket and gave it a try a few years back. 

After just one application I had made up my mind on Dax Wax (the red tin). My hair has always been reasonably short, but I wanted something that could hold it in place throughout the day, so I wouldn't need to use hair spray as an additional holder. That was the plan...the reality was a different story... 

I was suffering from early stages of balding a few years back, so I wanted something that wouldn't risk pulling unnecessary hairs out of my scalp. The moment I stuck my fingers into this tub I had never felt anything quite like it. This thick, gunky texture was incredibly strong, almost like super-glue, and I was quite hesitant about applying it on my barnet. But I did.

Once moulded into my hair, this wax actually felt pretty ok. Due to its texture, my hair felt rather thick and it held my style into place easily, all day long. The only problem was, the next morning provided me with two problems... 

I found this stuff an absolute nightmare to wash out of my hair. The gunky wax had embedded itself in my locks, making it extremely difficult to wash out. I had to resort to using Fairy washing up liquid to get this wax out of my hair, and even that wasn't easy! 

The second problem I faced was staring right up at me from my bath tub. The amount of hair I lost trying to get this stuff washed out was scary. I know much of the hair lost in the bath was forced through vigorous washing, but even so, for a man who's going bald already, this really didn't help matters.

So, I ditched Dax Wax and have since elected much softer matte textured clays that aren't as thick, wash out easily and don't have damaging effects on the hair.

If you're a sufferer of hair loss then you should definitely steer well clear of Dax Wax (the red tin at least), as the last thing you'll want is for your hair loss process to speed up!


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  2. Ridiculous! I only occasionally use hair products waxes etc..but this review is ridiculous, I have used the red tin once before and had absolutely no issues with washing this stuff out..fairy liquid lol. As from a marketing perspective like all products it does say for full removal to use their shampoo and conditioner; however this stuff came out straight away with using a regular bedhead shampoo and conditioner. (such an alarmist review lol).

    1. Fairy liquid does work, you know :)