Hair Again by John Kelby Review

My rating: 

John Kelby's Hair Again book had scam written all over it the moment I set eyes on his promotional video. Kelby guarantees hair regrowth in just three weeks, no matter what stage of balding you are at. This claim seemed incredibly far-fetched, but through curiosity alone, I purchased this e-book to see what kind of techniques it was offering. 

The whole book is just one big pile of crap! I just hate reading books like these where it takes so long just to get to the point. Curing hair loss with a bunch of random herbs and applying a potion made from berries onto your scalp are just two examples of Kelby's 'revolutionary' cure for hair loss. It's nonsense, absolute nonsense! 

Honestly, if you're trying to battle hair loss then don't waste a single penny on Hair Again - it's a complete scam.

This book warns you away from using 'expensive supplements' and topical solutions, which is kind of hilarious, as it's supplements and topical solutions that have proved to be the most effective for my hair loss so far. 

I kind of knew this was going to be a scam even before I purchased this book, but I didn't think it would be this bad. I find the whole book rather patronising, if truth be told.

Anyway, I refuse to spend another minute writing about this silly book, because it's just bad, bad, bad! 

Here is my full breakdown of Hair Again by John Kelby, based on his book:

Positives: None.
Negatives: Scam. 


  1. Thanks for the warning. But I was wondering if you have actually tried the treatment?