Herbal H Advanced Growth Formula Review

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'Hair growth sprays' - Do they really work? In my early days of losing my hair I was rather curious about this form of hair loss treatment. The first hair growth spray I came across during my days of extensive research was by a Chinese manufacturer called YUDA (pictured below). There are about three different versions of this spray, with slight alterations in the ingredients. One of which claims to have a 10% dosage of minoxidil, which even now I still find hard to believe. 

Looking back, I really should have got a lab to investigate this formula to see how much of what it says is really in the formula. Anyway, at the time I was pretty desperate and curious so I purchased 6 bottles at around £5 each to see how effective they could be for my balding crown.

I ordered them directly from China and the bottles felt awfully cheap, being prone to easy breakage. The spray was scentless and shot out of the pump really quickly, leading to an uneven coverage on the scalp, and much waste. I used YUDA Hair Growth Spray for about 5 weeks and it did absolutely nothing for my hair loss whatsoever. 

I cannot say for sure, but my suspicions are that this product is a complete scam. They offer ridiculous guarantees of hair growth in a few days, which leads be to believe they can get away with this advertising because they are a Chinese manufacturer. Such claims over here in the UK would not be allowed, and the company would surely be shut down. 

The interesting thing about YUDA is that it offers private label wholesale schemes which allows companies from all over the world to purchase this product with the option of selling it under a different label. I've come across 'revolutionary' sprays such as CHLP (pictured above) that contains the same ingredients and makes the same far-fetched claims as YUDA does, which leads me to believe that many of these hair growth sprays you see advertised all over the internet are nothing more than YUDA with a different label.

This brings me to Herbal H Advanced Growth Formula, that you may have heard of or seen plastered all over the place. Like I said, my suspicion is that this spray, along with any others you see of this type, is just a big scam. I haven't tried Herbal H or CHLP, but if my suspicions are correct and they are indeed a private label of YUDA, then they're lucky to get the one star I have rated it, because these products are terrible and they do not work.

If you're thinking about purchasing a hair growth spray for your hair loss, then my advice would be to steer well clear of them.  

Here is my full breakdown of hair growth sprays, based over a five week period in 2011:

Positives: None.
Negatives: They don't work. They are a scam. 


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  2. I really can't figure out why any one would even consider buying these products. They're a total scam.

  3. Ive been using Herbal H for more than a year. It does not helps in regrowth but it definitely does help to stop greasy scalp and hair every morning (I used it before I sleep every night).

    It is too expensive and what I did now is use Kaminomoto (from Japan) during day time and apply coconut oil for one hour before i bath and shampoo...
    Night I would use Herbal H...

    One bottle can last approximately 3 weeks (which is too expensive for me) if you use for night time only... If twice a week (not more than 6 sprays each application) it can last up to 2 weeks top...

    Please do share if you found any others product that works... I can be contacted at beyond.dreams1001@gmail.com

    Peng Yaw

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  10. I have actually used Herbal H for many years and for me personally I've found it to be more effective than Rogaine. I stopped using it in favour of Rogaine because of financial problems, but I started losing hair. Since being back on Herbal H it's stopped in its tracks again. For me personally it has helped :)

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