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So, I entered the world of hair building fibres for the first time back in 2013, when my hair loss was reaching Norwood 2-3 stage. I was intrigued by this hair building system which looked great on the endless videos and ads I kept seeing pop up left, right and centre. 

I was introduced to hair building fibres by Nanogen, after seeing their advert online, but I decided to go for another brand called HairMaker, after receiving a free sample from them through the post. 

If you're not familiar with hair building fibres, then let me briefly explain what this system is all about. Firstly, hair building fibres is not a treatment for hair loss. It's just like an alternative to a wig. You sprinkle grains onto your head and they statically stick to your existing hair, covering bald spots and making your hair look fuller.

After getting my colour of fibre through the post, I applied a small amount onto the areas of my hair that were slightly thinner, which needed a little coverage. After covering the thinning areas, I applied some strong hair spray to give it some extra hold. I must admit, when I looked into the mirror it was like winding back the clock 10 years! My hair looked so much more fuller and the fibres disguised any thinning and balding that I was experiencing.

I ended up purchasing a few more of these tubes, using them for when I am in public. Hair building fibres have been a terrific solution for me during my search for a proper hair loss treatment, and they've helped me gain a bit of confidence in my hair along the way.

There are only two negative aspects of this product. Firstly, one can become quite dependent on this product, which can be a dangerous thing - Remember, you're trying to find a treatment that will stop your hair loss, not just cover it up. By all means, use hair building fibres as a temporary/backup solution while you try out treatments for your hair. Secondly, this isn't a great product under water. Therefore, if you're a regular water sports guy, this product won't be suitable for you. It's also not very good when exposed to heavy rain.

Here is my full breakdown of HairMaker, based over an ongoing period since summer 2013:

Positives: Excellent coverage of thinning hair. Easy to apply.
Negatives: Not suitable when exposed to water or strong wind. 

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