OGX Shampoo Collection for Better Hair

Ok, so I tend to get quite a few questions from my readers and social media followers about the OGX shampoo collection and how effective they are for treating hair loss. So, now I have had the chance to try most of the shampoos in this large range, I thought I'd put up a post to cover the best ones that I found to be the most effective for my hair. 

Firstly, I should make clear that no shampoo in this world will cure hair loss. In fact, nothing will. I was always a bit unsure about shampoos in general, but many of the products in this collection have surprised me. Now, I'm not saying any of these shampoos have generated new hair growth, but a few of them certainly have helped me maintain my hair and thicken it considerably. Some of them also work well when used in conjunction with other hair health treatments that I am currently using. 

What I like most about the OGX range is that each and every one of these shampoos is very thick in texture and lathers extremely well. They leave the hair looking fuller, thicker and healthier, which is pretty crazy when you take into account that each of these shampoos sells for around £5. 

So, of the shampoos I tried in this brilliant collection, these are the products that worked the best on my hair:

Biotin & Collagen
Definitely my favourite shampoo in this collection. Biotin is an excellent hair growth agent, and collagen is also superb for the skin and pores. This consists of a soft unisex scent, super thick in texture and excellent upon application. I use this every other day.

Argan Oil of Morocco 

This was the first shampoo I tried from OGX, and it was the thickness of the formula that got me so impressed by this stuff. At the time, I kinda jumped on the argan oil bandwagon, but I certainly wasn't left disappointed. This hair beneficiary shampoo helped me get my hair looking thicker than ever before, and I continued to use it until I discovered the Biotin & Collagen shampoo. 

Keratin Oil 
I wanted to try the Keratin Oil shampoo as I do occasionally suffer from damaged hair (being as sporty as I am). Again, I was delighted with the performance of this shampoo, as it kept my hair looking thick and full. It's odd though, as the texture of this shampoo is more like a conditioner, which made it slightly awkward to lather, but all in all, this is another good shampoo that does its job nicely. 

So, there we have it - those are my top three. What I love about this whole range is that it makes you want to try out everything, as all the shampoos in this collection contain excellent hair beneficiary ingredients, whether it be for hair loss, thinning hair or general hair damage. There's certainly something for everyone in this range - it just depends on what works best for you personally, and what your hair really needs.

You can purchase most of these products quite easily either online or at most supermarkets and Boots stores. The official OGX website is https://ogxbeauty.com/ 


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