Does Saw Palmetto Prevent Hair Loss?

You are likely to hear two views on the subject of saw palmetto and its ability to prevent hair loss in men and women. Saw palmetto has been known to successfully block DHT (the cause of hair loss), but I have also read that this could be a myth. So, what is the truth about saw palmetto and can it really prevent hair loss? 

If you're pretty knowledgeable on the subject of hair health ingredients, as I have become over the years, then you'll probably have noticed that this North American plant is commonly used in many hair supplements that are designed to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. The question is, why is saw palmetto being used and how is it meant to stop hair fall?

Well, according to genuine past studies, saw palmetto was found to inhibit the formation of DHT by total accident. This potent extract was originally tested to have positive effects on the prostate in men, but studies showed that patients did in fact notice a dramatic stoppage of hair loss after testing the treatment. It is claimed that saw palmetto acts as a DHT blocker, therefore preventing the formation of hair fall, but it does not promote hair growth, apparently! 

From a personal perspective, I have noticed very encouraging results from taking saw palmetto orally over a five to six year period. Through constant testing, I know for a fact that saw palmetto has helped me prevent hair loss, and I couldn't imagine going through a day without it. I guess you could say I have become very dependent on this extract, purely for maintaining the hair I already have. 

So, if saw palmetto is only beneficial for stopping hair loss, why is it used in supplements that claim they can actually regrow hair? Well, first of all, most hair supplements on the market are a total waste of money - they simply don't work. Trust me, I've been around the block and tested a whole bunch of them to know what I am talking about. When choosing a supplement for hair loss, you really need to do your research and make sure the supplement contains all the ingredients that stand you the best chance of beating hair loss. 

The best supplement I have ever taken for my hair is HR23+. HR23+ does indeed contain around 350mg (per serving) of saw palmetto, but what I found to be hugely effective about this supplement is the fact it also contains a whole bunch of other ingredients that can help promote hair growth. So, to put it simply, you have a supplement that contains both hair loss prevention and hair growth ingredients that work together to help slow down balding and promote healthy hair growth.

Another common question asked about saw palmetto is: How much (dosage) should I take saw palmetto per day? Well, many of us make the common mistake of overloading of ingredients that are supposed to be good for the hair. We must not forget that saw palmetto is a very potent plant, therefore caution should always apply. Side-effects can occur if the dosage is high enough, so I would recommend a daily dosage of between 250mg-400mg for the best and safest results.

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  1. Glad to hear you are not the only one raving about Saw palmetto.
    We have it in our hair loss shampoo, Rejuvx. Since our MD has been using it some very good results.
    All the best