Summer is bad for Hair Loss

The sun is out, the climate is warmer and the holiday season begins. Yes, it's that time of the year when we all look forward to summer! 

But for many hair loss sufferers out there, the hot season can be the most daunting time of the year for a number of reasons, and I can totally relate to this. In this post I shall take you through a number of reasons why, I personally, fear at the thought of going through these three long months, and yes, it's all to do with my hair!

Sunlight exposes a thinning scalp
Now, many of my readers will already know that I have managed to stop my hair loss problem that I started suffering with around six or seven years ago, but my concerns about hair fall and thinning scalp still remain. My hair isn't as thick as it was when I was 21, and it probably never will be again, so my life is now dedicated to maintaining a healthy head of hair for as long as I can. 

It's a common known fact that any kind of light shining on your scalp will reveal and accentuate any thinning or balding. I remember when I first started thinning at around the age of 25, and that summer quite a few people noticed this during a time my hair was exposed in the sunlight. I am much more secure about my hair these days, but the problem still exists. My advice? If you aren't all that keen on wearing hats, just add a little hair spray or hair building fibres to your hair in order to conceal any thinning patches. 

A dip in the sea can reveal everything!
You may be able to cover up or conceal a thinning scalp with products, but what the heck are you supposed to do once your hair gets wet? Let's face it, our hair gets wetter in the summer more than any other season, with regular dips in the sea, swimming pools and water pistol fights. Also, don't forget we also sweat far more in the hotter months of the year, which can leave our locks looking greasy and thinner.

I normally wash my hair every other day, but during the hotter weeks I tend to wash it every day, but without shampoo every other day. This helps keep my hair cleansed from sweat and not over conditioned, as we all know too much washing can leave the hair looking too conditioned, which results in thinner looking hair.

We shed more hair in the summer
Like dogs, we humans tend to shed hair in the summer, for the same reason - to keep our bodies cool. Fear not though, any shedding in the summer is usually reversed as the colder months come into play, but let's face it, if you suffer from thinning hair the last thing you'll want to happen is further shedding.
I find HR23+ hair health supplement (above) to be excellent for the maintainence of my hair growth, and it also helps prevent hair loss. Feeding your hair with key vitamins should be an essential part of your hair care routine, in order to prevent hair shedding and damage caused from too much exposure to the sun. I also use a matte textured sun lotion on my scalp to protect my hair from the sunlight. The lotion also thickens my hair and helps me sweat a lot less, resulting in dry, thick looking locks.

Yes, summer season can suck, but worrying about your hair shouldn't ruin your summer like it has for me over the years. I have managed to find a way to relax through the summer months, simply by upping my hair care routine, making sure my hair is getting the very best treatment it deserves. Yes, expect some wear and tear if you are active by nature, but as long as you look after your hair, feed it and protect it, you should be able to start enjoying yourself, worry free.

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