Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo Review

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After trying Alpecin C1 and Alpecin Liquid, I thought it was only fair to give the Double Effect shampoo a try. I have used this shampoo, which is a couple of pounds more expensive than the C1 version, for the past month, and I have to say the results haven't been as bad as I may have predicted. 

While the other two products in this range left my hair feeling rather flat and greasy, the Double Effect formula gave my hair a little boost in the appearance of thickness and density. Ok, so I have tried better shampoos for hair loss, but this product certainly isn't all that bad.

"Pleasantly surprised"

A bottle of this stuff lasted me just over four weeks, but I only wash my hair every other day, therefore it may not last that long for other people who prefer to wash their hair daily. 

Alpecin Double Effect shampoo didn't regrow any hair, but I have always been realistic when it comes to hair loss treatment shampoos, so I wasn't too disappointed by this. I'll be gob-smacked if there has been any solid evidence of this product growing new hair in patients. It just isn't that advanced, unfortunately.

It's also hard to know how effective this shampoo was for slowing down and stopping my hair loss, due to the fact I am already taking HR23+ which has stopped my hair fall completely. It'll be hard to accurately rate any products I take from now on unless I stop using HR23+, which I have no intention of doing.

Here is my full breakdown of Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo, based over a four week treatment period:

Prevention of hair loss: No visible hair loss prevention.
Promotion of hair growth: No visible new hair growth. 
Hair thickness & density: Slight enhancement of hair. 

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