MediGro Hair Loss Formulation Review

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After seeing MediGro advertised on Chemist Direct a couple of years ago at just £7 per bottle, down from £39.99, I quickly purchased six months' supply. MediGro isn't something I would have ever considered buying, as the ingredients don't suggest this product is anything out of the ordinary, but for the price it was going at, I thought I'd try it out anyway.

As I suspected, this supplement did absolutely nothing for me, and after just six weeks of taking these tablets, I gave the rest away to a friend. For your information, my friend wasn't overly impressed by this 'hair loss formulation'.

"Disappointed to say the least!"

Made by Bioconcepts, I honestly believe this formula was created to make a few quick bucks. Not everyone who suffers from hair loss can afford to go out and buy the best supplements on show, therefore it's products like MediGro that use these insecurities and financial insufficiencies to home in on some extra cash through their established brand name and reputation. 

If MediGro somehow works for your hair loss then that's absolutely fabulous and I'm genuinely happy for you. But in reality I highly doubt this supplement could be effective for anyone. All I can say is that after six weeks of taking this stuff, my pattern of hair fall remained exactly the same as it was before I started taking it.

Here is my full breakdown of MediGro Hair Loss Formulation Supplement, based over a six week treatment period:

Prevention of hair loss: No hair loss prevention.
Promotion of hair growth: No new hair growth. 
Hair thickness & density: No change. 

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