What is the best Hair Loss Treatment: TRX2 or HR23+?

If you're a big reader of my blog then you'll be aware I've tried a number of treatments and products in an attempt to beat my balding problem. I've tried a number of high-profile products as well as many smaller and unknown brands - some have been relatively effective, and others have been a complete waste of time and money. 

Two of the biggest and most-advertised anti-hair loss supplements on the market are TRX2 and HR23+. If you've been conducting your own research on hair loss products then it's likely you'll already be quite familiar with these two powerhouses. 

TRX2 was brought to market in 2011, and HR23+ in 2014, respectively. I was tempted by the 'science' of TRX2 and decided to give this Oxford based supplement a try. With all the talk of potassium channels and stimulation of hair follicles, I honestly thought this might be the breakthrough that we hair loss sufferers had finally been waiting for. Upon much closer inspection, TRX2 is nothing but a vitamin pill with potassium in it. It's amazing how much one will believe when in a situation of desperation.

I came across HR23+ shortly after their launch last year, and although my expectations weren't as high as they were for TRX2, I ended up trying HR23+ just to see how much good they could do for my hair. What I like about HR23+ is that it doesn't mess about with 'science', it just gets down to the basics - the tried, tested and clinically proven. To put it in basic terms, HR23+ simply packs a bunch of highly effective DHT blocking properties with a load of hair growth properties that work in conjunction with each other to help stop hair loss and promote decent hair growth. HR23+ is not a revolutionary formula, but it has been hugely effective for my hair.

Trust me, I've been through a heck of a lot of hair products over the years, as you'll see from reading all my reviews on here, and so I have gradually gained a good understanding of what works for me and what isn't effective. Neither of these supplements cured my balding problem, but HR23+ had a much better effect than TRX2. The positives I gained from using HR23+ included a decrease of hair fall, an increase of hair growth and a much thicker looking head of hair. I gained absolutely nothing from using TRX2 and I still haven't come across anybody who actually has. 

I used TRX2 for a total of one year and there were no visible signs of improvement in my hair. I am continuing to use HR23+ as I have seen visible improvements from using this supplement.

Here is my full breakdown of both supplements:

Positives: Nothing positive to report.
Negatives: No visible improvements over a 12 month period.

Positives: Stoppage of hair loss and fuller hair growth. 
Negatives: Slightly on the expensive side.

This article is based on my thoughts and experiences only. This is not an official review for TRX2 or HR23+. I understand that results will vary with each individual. 

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