Tip to prevent Hair Loss #2

Ok, so my second tip for preventing hair loss comes in the way of argan oil. I'm sure most of you have heard of it, as it's become one of the fastest selling formulas for hair and skin over the past few years. I wanted to see for myself how effective argan oil could be for my hair, so I went out and purchased a bottle of pure argan oil ready to apply onto my hair. 

They key here is to buy argan oil in its purest form, with no additional additives or moulding solutions. Apply a small amount of this oil onto your scalp just before you go to bed every night. Work into your scalp using steady, circular motions, and leave in to sink into your scalp overnight. Then wash your hair as normal every morning, and repeat the process in the evening. 

Now, I wouldn't say this technique has stopped my hair loss, but it has added an incredible amount of bulk and shine to my hair. As you'll know from reading my blog, I have been using Head & Shoulders Endurance shampoo for a while, but I recently replaced this shampoo with a new Argan Oil Shampoo made by Tesco (see image below). I figured that if I was use pure argan oil on my scalp every night, then why not wash my hair every morning with a argan oil based shampoo? 

The shampoo itself is pretty decent - with a thick texture to it, it lathers extremely well and leaves the hair looking high in volume and shine, even with the addition of an application of a dull matte clay hair styling product. I now use the argan oil formulas as part of my daily routine in conjunction with HR23+ tablets, and my hair has never looked or felt as strong as it currently does today. 

So, to confirm, if you're noticing hair fall and thinning on top, get yourself a pure argan oil solution, apply onto your scalp every night before before bed, then wash out with shampoo (argan oil shampoo from Tesco is my recommendation) in the morning. 

It might not solve your hair loss problem completely, but it'll certainly add volume to your hair and help with the thinning. 


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  2. I like the look of its bottle though is this available in the Philippines. I hope this argan oil shampoo is a good treatment on how to prevent hair fall to avoid any worse condition that might result to great stress.

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