HR23+ Results for Alopecia

I have used HR23+ hair restoration tablets to halt my hair loss (male pattern baldness) and it's been incredibly effective for me. This herbal tablet has worked wonders for my hair - please see my full HR23+ review, or my full hair loss story

But with all its glory and proven competence, I wanted to see how effective HR23+ could be for a rather different hair loss problem - Alopecia. 

I suffered from very mild Alopecia way back when I was about 21, where I experienced a slight bald patch on the side of my head. This was before I started suffering from male pattern baldness, so I wasn't overly concerned about going bald at the time, hence why I wasn't using any hair treatments. The bald patch did eventually grow out, but I remember it taking at least two years for it to fill out completely. 

This dreaded condition hit me again a few years back in near enough the same part of my scalp. By this point I was trying all kinds of hair loss treatments, many of which I have reviewed on this blog, but this time the patch caused by alopecia wasn't filling out. 

During my testing stages of different products, none of them seemed to make a difference, and with alopecia being so different to male pattern baldness, I was pretty much in acceptance that this bald patch wasn't about to go anywhere any time soon. 

That's until I started using HR23+, originally used for my male pattern baldness, after about six weeks of using it, I noticed my bald patch filling with stronger, thicker hair growth. The results were so quick and I am absolutely delighted with the results so far. 

As you can see from my photos below, I am naturally quite dark haired, but my bald patch has filled completely with new blonde hairs. It can be quite common for this to happen where alopecia is concerned, and it's not something that concerns me in the slightest. Blonde hair can be dyed, no problem, so the fact I have hair where I once didn't is the most rewarding thing for me. 

Before photo

After just 6 weeks of using HR23+

HR23+ don't make many specific claims in the way of alopecia, so I wouldn't regard this as a treatment for this condition, but as you can clearly see, it has done wonders for my case of alopecia, and I would definitely recommend HR23+ for any man (or woman) looking to battle this very common hair condition.

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