Tip to prevent Hair Loss #3

My third, and probably most obvious tip for preventing hair loss, is really quite simple: Tackle the issue early and live with no regrets! 

As soon as I started noticing my hair loss in my mid twenties, I started doing something about it immediately. I am convinced that if I hadn't acted as soon as I did, I'd have had much less hair on my head by now. 

Seriously if you want to avoid the dreaded balding process, then start researching hair loss, try different products and make changes to your diet and lifestyle. All these factors can play a big part in helping you slow down hair loss and even stopping it for good.

I've been through a fair few products and treatments over the past five years, and although I have found HR23+ tablets to work amazingly with my hair, I am still always on the lookout for products and practises that can be beneficial for my hair. 

So, don't waste time - when it comes to hair loss, every second counts. 

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