Tip to Prevent Hair Loss #4

Ok, so before I review a few more hair loss treatments that I've tried over the past couple of months, I just wanted to put a little something out there for my readers in the way of defeating hair loss. It's a tip, and for me it happens to be working. 

Drink plenty of fresh water. Seriously, I know this sounds insane, but since I got my body into shape with lots of exercise and healthy foods, my hair thickness and growth has been far stronger than it was when I was starting to lose my hair over five years ago. 

Now, it's well documented on here that I do use a few products that have been hugely effective for my hair, but I'm telling you, drinking plenty of water throughout the day has done wonders for my hair. 

I'm not suggesting for one minute that drinking water is a cure for hair loss, because that would be totally insane, right? What I am suggesting is that by drinking plenty of fresh water in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, all these factors play a big part in the prevention of hair loss and promotion of thicker hair growth. 

Be sure to keep an eye out on my latest hair loss product reviews that'll be hitting the blog over the coming weeks. you won't wanna miss them...

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