Growing a beard from zip?

Right, so I know this is a 'hair loss' blog, but I thought I'd delve into a similar topic that seems to be taking the internet by storm. According to many men around the world, it seems possible to grow a full beard, from nothing, by using a combination of products that can be readily purchased on the market. 

Now, I know the popularity of beard transplants has increased over the past few years, due to this beard trend that seems to be everywhere I look, but the fact of the matter is many guys can't afford a few grand for a decent facial hair transplant, therefore they do a bit of research to see if there are any cheaper options and effective alternatives. 

I guess I am intrigued about this subject because it is similar to hair loss prevention - a problem I have been trying to combat for the past six years or so. I am curious to know if any of these products that can grow facial hair, as claimed by many men, also have the ability to grow lost hair on the scalp.

The most popular products used for 'beard growth' seem to be Kirkland's minoxidil brand, along with biotin and Jamaican Back Caster Oil. I did happen to try minoxidil in the form of Regaine Foam, for my hair loss a few years ago, and I experienced no new growth after months and months of application. I also take biotin in supplement format and in shampoo format, so it seems many of the products that are popular for beard growth are similar to hair growth products. But are they anywhere near as effective? 

Now, it should be noted that I actually have fairly decent facial hair growth, and it's not something that has ever worried me over the years. I wouldn't mind a few small patches to fill in, but as far as I am concerned my main issue is the hair on my scalp. So, will I be trying the 'Beard Growth Journey'? That's highly unlikely, but I would love to hear from guys that have, because you never know, some products that are great for facial hair growth may indeed also be good for hair growth - and that is something that interests me.

It's been well-documented on here that I have found excellent hair maintenance products that have helped me slow down hair loss and maintain stronger, thicker hair growth. That's why I am very open to the suggestion that there could be products out there that help facial hair growth. I mean, why not, right?

However, I would remain negative about many of these supplements going around such as VitaBeard and Beardilizer, that make outrageous claims, which I know are simply not accurate. I have studied supplement ingredients and these types of 'beard growth' products tend to be the same thing - so just be careful what you spend your hard earned money on, because there's a great chance you'll be ripped off.

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