Tip to Prevent Hair Loss #5

If you use them incorrectly, dry shampoos can in fact be quite harmful to your locks. Now, before I put you off using your favourite dry shampoo, it should be noted that they do not cause hair loss conditions such as male pattern baldness, but using dry shampoos with an element of caution is always advised. 

If you're an avid reader of this blog, you'll be aware that I have promoted the use of dry shampoo, and it also has a regular place in my hair care routine. But, after stumbling on an interesting article on dry shampoos, I have realised they should be used correctly in order to get the best out of your hair. 

Dry shampoos can in fact damage hair strands, which isn't exactly ideal for hair loss sufferers. It's a bit like the piece I wrote on the Dax Wax styling product - the thick texture of the product makes it extremely hard to wash out, therefore it can cause pulling of the hair strands, which can lead to hair fall. Dry shampoos work in a similar way, but not by pulling hair out. Instead, the product can leave hair unnaturally dry, leaving your locks flaky and damaged, which in turn can lead to hair shedding. 

Fear not though, my dry shampoo loving friends, you can still use dry shampoos without worrying about it damaging your already fragile locks - it's just a case of not abusing it - like most things in life. People who suffered from severe cases of hair damage through using dry shampoo, was mainly down to the fact they were overusing the stuff and also using it as a substitute for actually washing their hair! 

First thing's first - look after your hair by keeping it clean and treated. Using dry shampoo is fine, providing you are not using it instead of washing your hair. Once my hair is clean and treated, I sometimes use a very small amount of dry shampoo to give my locks a lift, some extra volume and a nice scent. I do not suffer from hair damage because I am careful. So, if you're keen on dry shampoo, then keep using it, but use it correctly and always put the health of your hair well before the appearance of it. 

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