Would I get a Hair Transplant?

I often get asked if I would ever consider getting a hair transplant. And the simple answer to that question is, probably not. And here's why... 

Firstly, I am not at the chronic stage of male pattern baldness, therefore I do not see my situation as urgent enough to go down the surgical avenue. I would say I suffer from Norwood 2 hair loss, but that has been the case since I was about 26 years old. I am now in my early thirties and I seem to have steadied the pattern of hair loss through taking supplements and treatments. 

If I were to consider having a hair transplant, I would have to be a lot balder, as I would only currently be paying for minor fills in slightly thinner areas. I don't think my balding is particularly noticeable as it stands, therefore I am happy to continue using the products that have halted my hair loss so far. 

 Secondly, I can't afford a hair transplant - it's that simple. For a decent procedure, you're looking at a cost of between £3000-£10,000 depending on your specific needs. I earn a pretty good salary, but I can't justify spending a fortune on a hair transplant that isn't guaranteed to work. Yes, that's right, not all transplants work, and many patients find themselves constantly going back for top-up surgery which costs more time and money. Is it really worth it? 

And finally, I really don't think I'd get a transplant because I don't particularly like the idea of having surgery and coming away with scars around the back of my head. I've seen some pretty horrific images of men after surgery, and if that can be avoided then I will always seek other, safer and natural options. 

If I was to go down the route of hair surgery, then I would probably opt for the tattoo procedure. I recently did a post on the company Skalp, which is actually a non-surgical procedure that restores that hairline and crown areas for men who have gone completely bald. If I ever start losing my hair to the point of Norwood 5, then I would consider the tattoo procedure, as it can also be reversed if you change your mind at some point down the line. 


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