It's National Hair Loss Awareness Month 2017

It's August, so that means it's Hair Loss Awareness Month

I can't quite believe it's been a year since the last National Hair Loss Awareness Month.  Time really does fly when you're losing you hair!  

August always fills me with anticipation and optimism. It's the time of year when all the hair loss treatments, products and services come together to help hair loss sufferers all over the world.  This is the month when hair loss sufferers like me feel like we are really understood, and we do not feel alone.  

If you are experiencing baldness, particularly early stages, then you really should be getting as much as you can out of National Hair Loss Awareness Month.  You'll see plenty of offers, news, information sources and discounts on all the latest and very best treatments available.  

If you can't spot an offer or discount on your favourite brand, then it is likely just haven't seen it.  It's always worth contracting the company to see if they are doing any deals for Hair Loss Awareness Month.  It really doesn't hurt to ask. 

The next four weeks should fill you with positivity - after all, there are millions of people around the world who are in exactly the same position as you are in.  Hair loss is such a difficult topic to talk to people about, so having more information readily available for you over the coming weeks is a real bonus, and something you should seriously take advantage of. 

What offers and deals have I found? 

As many of you will already know, I take HR23+ hair supplement, and they currently have a 20% discount running on their products, which will expire at the end of the month. So hurry up and bag your discounted supply ASAP.

I've also taken advantage of a cheeky little offer of buy 2 get 1 free on the OGX shampoos at Boots. These shampoos, particularly the Biotin & Collagen addition, are just fantastic, and incredibly beneficial for hair growth.  And what's more, they're all priced well under £10.  I'm not sure this offer has anything to do with Hair Loss Awareness Month, but it's there anyhow, so take advantage of it if you can. 

I've not had much of a chance to find any other great deals, but I shall continue my search when I get a bit more time this week.  I understand SkalpUK has some sort of deal going for their services, which could well be worth checking out, and I imagine there will be other special offers going from leading hair transplantation surgeries. 

One thing's for sure, I'll keep you updated as and when I discover exciting discounts and bargains to be had. To keep up to date with Hair Loss Awareness Month, definitely follow the trends #NationalHairLossAwarenessMonth #HairLossAwarenessMonth.


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  3. Costas Plassaras26 August 2017 at 05:29

    "I've also taken advantage of a cheeky little offer of buy 2 get 1 free on the OGX shampoos at Boots. These shampoos, particularly the Biotin & Collagen addition". That made my day! As a biochemist student and hair loss sufferer, myself, these solutions seem promising for the average Joe (low budget solutions)!

    Thanks K. Ashton!

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