LA Science Anti Hair Loss Serum Review

My rating: 

I gave LA Science Anti Hair Loss Serum a try for three consecutive months back in 2013, and I have to say I was left rather disappointed by this product. I paid £30 per bottle, of which the price has considerably dropped since then, and it didn't do anything for my hair loss whatsoever. 

I wasn't expecting miracles from this formula, but I did expect some sort of results, even if minor, to be achieved. My hair remained the same from the start of the treatment period right through to the end. I know I'll probably get people on here telling me that I should use products like these for at least six months to give them a fair trial, but I honestly believe if you haven't seen any visible results by the three month mark, chance are it's simply not working for you. 

I did not experience any new hair growth, nor did I see any evidence of hair loss prevention. My hair continued to fall out at the same pace it was before I even started using this serum. I've wasted a lot of money on hair loss products over the years, and I can put this down to a bad experience that cost me £120. 

I'd love to find something positive to say about LA Science Serum but there really weren't any I can think of. I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this treatment. 

Here is my full breakdown of LA Science Anit Hair Loss Serum, based over a three month treatment period:

Prevention of hair loss: No hair loss prevention.
Promotion of hair growth: No new hair growth. 
Hair thickness & density: No change in hair appearance. 

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