Provillus Hair Supplement Review

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Right, let's get down to Provillus. I tried this hair health supplement a few years back, just before my disappointing encounter with TRX2, and it gave me a bag a mixed results.

I tried Provillus for around two and a half months, and although the early stages were promising, I didn't achieve anywhere near the results I wanted. 

I've rated Provillus just two stars out of five, because I felt this supplement did fall below the average mark, but it's not so awful to get just one star. My hair fall did seem to decrease ever so slightly during the initial stage of using these tablets, but after a few weeks my hair seemed to be shedding at the same rate it was before I started using this. 

With regards to the foam, well I actually didn't bother using that. I figured if Regaine didn't work for me then why should Provillus? They both contain 5% Minoxidil, therefore it is highly unlikely that one would work better than the other.

I wasn't overly disappointed by the lack of results Provillus gave me, as my expectations of this product weren't very high to begin with. I didn't waste a huge amount of money on this, spending just £40 on three bottles. 

It's also hard to tell how effective this product is, as many of the reviews online look a bit suspicious. If there is anyone reading this that would like to give me an honest opinion on their experiences using Provillus, then please comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

For me personally, Provillus gets a thumbs down.

Here is my full breakdown of Provillus tablets, based over a two and a half month treatment period.

Prevention of hair loss: Slight slowing down of hair fall during first three weeks of usage.
Promotion of hair growth: No visible new hair growth. 
Hair thickness & density: Hair remains the same in appearance. 

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