Regaine Scalp Foam Review

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When I first starting losing my hair I decided to give Regaine a try. With my lack of knowledge about hair products, my decision to try Regaine was based on two factors:
  1.  I was keen to see how the FDA approved Minoxidil could benefit my thinning hair
  2. Regaine is the most well known non-surgical hair loss treatment on the market
I tried Regaine for a total of 6 months during my early stages of balding, and I was left disappointed, to say the least.

This was very disappointing for me, as I had pinned so much hope on this formula, and for it to disappoint so early into the treatment period, left me urgently seeking alternatives.

I would love to know the real success rate of this formula. Regaine claims it has an 80% success rate in men, but how much of this can we really believe? 

I've gone through hundreds of hair loss websites and forums in search for genuine testimonials and reviews, and I have yet to find anything that really backs this 80% claim they are making. I have friends who have also tried (and are still using) Regaine, and they are all telling my the same thing: It just doesn't work.

I used a generous 5% minoxidil dosage, as that is the highest I could find. I have seen 10% dosages in formulas from China, but I wouldn't trust any of these types of products for a number of reasons.

If you've tried Regaine and found it to be effective, then please comment below. I would absolutely love to hear from genuine people. 

Here is my full breakdown of Regaine, based over a six month treatment period.

Prevention of hair loss: No visible signs of stopping hair fall.
Promotion of hair growth: No visible new hair growth. 
Hair thickness & density: Hair remains the same in appearance. 

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