Viviscal Hair Growth Programme Review

My rating: 

Next up on my review list is the hugely popular supplement, Viviscal for Men. I'll be totally honest here and confess I haven't really given this hair product as fair a trial as some of its counterparts on here, but I shall give you my feedback anyway. 

I purchased six months of Viviscal during my miserable time using TRX2, with the intention of using up all six boxes. I ended up trying Viviscal for about six weeks, on and off, and the reason I didn't complete my treatment period was because I discovered HR23+ during this time, and once I tried HR23+ I never looked back.

From my brief experience using Viviscal, I would say the hair fall did slow down ever so slightly, but I can't confirm this had anything to do with this particular supplement. I was coming off TRX2, therefore the results were hard to identify at the time.

I did not experience any side-effects from using these tablets, which is always a positive thing. However, I do remain sceptical about this product as they have been extremely active in their marketing campaigns with very little evidence from users that this actually works.

I believe, when formulating this supplement, the intentions were good, but Viviscal still has much to prove in a hugely competitive hair loss treatment market. 

Here is my full breakdown of Viviscal Man, based over a six week treatment period:

Prevention of hair loss: No clear evidence of hair loss prevention.
Promotion of hair growth: No evidence of new hair growth. 
Hair thickness & density: No real change in the appearance of thickness of hair. 

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