Have I tried the new TRX2 products? Have I heck!

As many of you hair loss sufferers will undoubtedly understand, losing your hair can make one extremely cynical - especially when you know a thing or two about ingredients! 

Once I heard our friends over at Oxford BioLabs were releasing a couple of new products, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. As many of my readers will know, I'm definitely not a fan of TRX2 hair supplement, and I have admitted to being mugged off by this joke of a supplement for a large period of my life. Much time and money was wasted on this supplement, so you'll understand why I don't have any hope for anything associated with TRX2/Oxford BioLabs. 

So, the website states "The TRX2® topical products are based upon the same, effective formula as the TRX2® capsules, ensuring that the same active ingredients are delivered to your scalp externally."

This makes me wonder, why bother releasing these two products at all? There isn't anything new or revolutionary added to the brand. Also, why release two topical formulas when they pretty much contain the same ingredients?

It seems odd that the dosage of Biotin exceeds the dosage of Potassium, when you consider how 'revolutionary' potassium has become in their supplement. To me, it just doesn't make sense how the simple addition of potassium can cure hair loss. Why not just buy a load of vitamin pills packed with potassium? Surely this would be far more effective and cheaper than using TRX2, right? I don't buy it!

Anyway, it's not for me to pass judgement on these products, and seriously, I honestly hope they work for many of you who are willing to take the plunge, but I can safely say I shall not be buying these new products, because I'm pretty sure they just won't work. 

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