How to spot a hair loss scam

Ok, guys, I've already delved pretty deep into my history with hair loss products, and as I have stated in my bio, some treatments have been ok and others have been a total waste of money. 

Now, I have been asked a number of times how I can identify a hair loss scam. Well, there are a number of signs which can clearly indicate if a product is fake, and that's what I'll go into more detail about in this post. 

Firstly, I just wanted to touch on the subject of non-FDA-approved products. As many of you will already know, only two products are medically approved by the FDA - and they are minoxidil and propecia (finasteride). I have tried the former but I have chosen not to try the latter, due to the potential side-effects. 

Look, just because the FDA have only approved two formulas, that doesn't mean these are the only two that have the ability to stop hair loss. If a product is not FDA approved, then that doesn't mean it is a scam. I wouldn't say many, but some products that don't have FDA approval can be very effective for hair loss, and I am living proof of this.

So, how do you spot a hair loss scam? Well, here are a few obvious signs you should watch out for...

The product claims it is a cure.
If you ever come across a product that claims to be a 'cure' for hair loss then it's a scam. As the market stands, there is no cure for hair loss, and any company that tells you otherwise is lying. Save your money and move on... 

The product claims to be a revolutionary new science.
Look, if there was a revolutionary new science for hair growth, then don't you think we'd have heard about it all over the media? The moment this happens we'll know - trust me! Avoid 'new scientific formulas' - it's just a load of old tosh.

It's a spray that looks awfully familiar.
I've already had my rants about this subject on my blog so I'll keep this short. If you come across a 'hair growth spray' packed in a white canister then don't be fooled - it's just a private label version of some crap that's made in China.

Shampoos just don't cut it.
There hasn't been any research showing that shampoos can reverse the pattern of hair loss. Yes, there are pretty good shampoos out there like Alpecin that can re-energise your hair, but they won't regrow lost hair, so don't waste your money on expensive products with outrageous claims.
e-book = scam!
E-books are a total waste of time and money. Do not fall for them. Many of these scammers like to give you their pitch, tapping into your insecurities, before laying on the big promise - buy our e-book and get your full head of hair in just two weeks. It's garbage.

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