HR23+ Has Changed to Capsules

Ok, so all of a sudden, one of my favourite hair products, HR23+, has changed from tablets to capsules. I wasn't aware of this until I got one of their monthly newsletters the other night, so it did come as a surprise. 

For those of you who aren't too aware about what I am talking about, well, basically, the supplement has now changed from the tablet form to a capsule form. Now, this isn't an additional product added to their range, the new capsules will be replacing the tablets completely, so what we're left with is exactly the same supplement in the way of ingredients and dosage, but the pill itself has changed in appearance. 

old form: tablets
The reason for the conversion from tablets to capsules is quite simple. The company released the statement:

"We've taken our customer feedback on board, and we are now delighted to offer HR23+ Hair Health Supplement in capsule form. Many customers were complaining that our tablets were too difficult to swallow, therefore from mid-February 2016, HR23+ supplement will be of capsule form only. Our new capsules contain exactly the same formula as the original tablets, except the formula is packed into capsules rather than tablets. The capsules are much smaller than the tablets, meaning the daily dosage is spread out over four capsules, rather than two tablets. The capsules are much easier to swallow and are more effective for digestion. They are also suitable for men and women, plus vegans and vegetarians."

new form: capsules
So, there you have it - it's been a simple evolutionary step that does actually make a lot of sense. It's pretty well documented on here how much I love this brand and their products, and if I was to name one thing about it that perhaps could have been improved, that would be that the tablets can sometimes be quite hard to swallow, so the new capsule form totally makes sense. 

I will be ordering my regular three month supply nearer to the end of this month, so I shall keep you all updated as to how I get on with them. 

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