5 Unusual Techniques to Prevent Baldness

Unusual techniques that may prevent hair loss

I'd like to wish a belated happy new year to all my readers, and extend my apologies for not updating my blog for a while.  If truth be told, I am only just about recovering from the festive partying.  I went in pretty hard this time, but I am gradually getting back to my normal routine.

Oh, and before you think it, no, my hair care routine did not suffer as a consequence of overindulging over Christmas and the new year. I stayed loyal to it, and I will remain so for as long as it continues to work. If you want a reminder of my hair care routine, then check out it here.

So, what changes will I be making to my routine this year?  Well, I certainly don't intend to stop what I am currently using, but if something even better pops up, I'll be open minded enough to give it a try. My main aim this year will be to try out new things that may result in promoting hair growth.  Here is a list of five things in particular that I will be trying in order to beat hair loss...

Scalp Massage

Apparently massaging your scalp every day is great for stimulating hair follicles.  I have read this theory so many times, and even though I occasionally use a dermaroller, I intend to try this technique with the tips of my fingers, everyday.  I know it sounds crazy, but when it comes to hair loss, I have learnt never to judge anything until it is tried and tested - I have been wrong so many times before.


Standing upside down is a great technique that can stop hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.  Is it true?  Well, good blood circulation is absolutely key for the follicles to work, so there really isn't any reason why this unorthodox technique shouldn't work.  I shall be doing this as often as I can, and I'll be sure to report back to you guys how it went.


Ok, so I know yoga can't cure hair loss, but what if it can have some kind of underlying benefit for my locks?  I have looked into this, and apparently yoga can increase the chances of stopping baldness.  I've always been fascinated by the spiritual side of life, and I'll be even more fascinated to see if doing yoga can actually help me in my quest to put an end to this balding nonsense.


Beetroot helps you to complete your nutritional deficiency that causes the hair fall.  I actually love beetroot anyway, so it's great to have an excuse to stuff my face with it.  I knew about other hair beneficiary foods like green apples, green tea, and spinach leaves, but I wasn't aware of how beneficial beetroot could be.

Egg White & Curd

It may sound the most gross trick out of the lot, but egg white and curd are known to be preventers of hair loss. Eggs are a rich source of Sulphur which is an essential nutrient for healthy and strong hair. Sulphur in eggs promotes the production of keratin and collagen that prevents dandruff.

I shall keep you all posted as to how I get on with this...


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